Your checklist to find the right Structural Steel supplier

Your checklist to find the right structural steel supplier

Gratifying your clientele is very important for you, but does your structural steel supplier feel the same about it? If your supplier has different priorities, then it’s time to re-evaluate things. When tracking down a supplier, who is supposed to surpass your performance expectations, several factors need to be looked at.

While trying to find out a proper structural steel supplier, it’s necessary to ascertain early, whether they are the most appropriate for the project or not, otherwise, you may land up with a venture which lacks reliability and quality.

The reason is that structural steel or hot rolled steel products like angles, channels and beams, an integral part of any construction provides shape and strength to it. So, the right supplier must possess the perfect mix of experience, capability, service guarantees and worthiness.

The Checklist

1. Quality

Quality should always be at the top of the list. If you can’t count on the quality and reliability of the products delivered by the supplier then you should find someone else. Your clientele would not tolerate substandard and low quality and neither should you from the supplier. Period. While selecting a structural steel supplier it’s important to take note of the projects one has worked on. Quality of work is the best yardstick for measuring the proficiency of a supplier. So it’s wise and sensible to rummage through the portfolios of various suppliers before choosing one. Note the type of projects they have worked on and levels of difficulty they have encountered and overcome etc.

2. Experience

Despite the paper qualifications that a structural steel supplier and its engineers might hold, there is absolutely no substitute for experience. An experience is achieved by putting in a lot of hard work and dedication for a long time. Therefore, you should select a supplier with many years in business and consistency in performance to show. Although there is truth in the saying, “We’ve been around this long so we must be doing something right” but only to a certain extent. It’s important to know whether the supplier possesses cutting-edge manufacturing technology and whether it has modern systems and equipments because these are valuable attributes a reputed supplier should have and healthy signs to look out for.

3. Location

The location of the supplier plays a part too. Procuring structural steel from a different state can be very inconvenient. Normally, choosing a local supplier is the most effective method. It’s easier for a local organization to supply the products, especially items of large sizes or volumes than a company operating from another state.

4. Pricing

You should have satisfactory pricing. Companies differ and obviously, their pricing structures vary. Bigger organizations have high operating costs but they may come out as very affordable due to their low expenses in delivery or installation if any. On the contrary, products from smaller companies may be pricey, but they can readily offer more flexible and quicker hands-on service. The number at the bottom of the quote doesn’t explain everything. You need to dig deeper and communicate to find out about the underlying reason for the pricing structure.

5. Communication

Effective communication is required. Communication lines should be open both ways. The supplier should be willing to contact you as frequently as you do, to touch base. Remember to ask as many questions as possible while discussing your upcoming project with the structural steel supplier. It’s ideal to have a supplier who listens to your plan and assists with suggestions honestly and with transparency on the best possible avenue towards progress.

6. Partnership 

A genuine partnership requires trust, and the ability to take risks as well as face challenges. If your structural steel supplier is averse to these and shies away from the responsibilities or accountabilities then you may have to think about someone else. To outperform your competitors you have to integrate the latest technologies and new materials into your business. The subsequent risks should be shouldered by both parties.

These are some important tips and a 6-point checklist for finding the perfect structural steel supplier for a successful project.


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