Board Of Directors


Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors comprises of professionals with technical and functional knowledge, experience in steel-making, and a blend of youth thus charting the course of MSP Steel towards its vision of being an admired nation builder.



“It is not the strongest people who survive or the most intelligent ones. The People who survive are those who are responsive to change.”

Our Company has completed 50 years of Operations – 50 years of hard work, determination to thrive for excellence in every sphere of operations and realize our vision of being a Admired Leading Steel Producer.

Looking at the future, we are always on the lookout to create new business verticals and get into domains within the sector that would be relevant in the future. We realize the need to be cost competent and process oriented and hence, continuously engage in cost and operating efficiency improvement programs across our facilities, which results in lower operating costs, better quality and higher profitability.

No overview will be complete without a mention of our governance commitment. We adhere to the best global practices in the areas of governance and transparency. Towards this, monthly/quarterly meets are organized to move closer to customers, suppliers and investors, and share with them our vision for the future and invite them to participate in our growth story.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of all stakeholders who contributed to our growth – our shareholders, customers, employees, channel partners, suppliers and community members. The Company will continue to enhance value for all those who depend on us, work with us and invest in us and realize the vision of being recognized as an Admired Nation Builder.

Best wishes to one and all.

Warm regards

Mr. Suresh Kumar Agrawal




“Finding Opportunity is a matter of believing it’s there”

Against the backdrop 50 years of existence and the completion of 15 years operations at our Raigarh unit, we feel a sense of pride in what we have been able to achieve.

A number of competencies have come together and contributed to this success story. On one hand, enhanced asset utilization and de-bottlenecking at every stage of production process to ensure highest capacity utilization of the existing facilities have translated into highest ever production volumes. On the other hand, we have revamped our entire “Go to market” approach to make ourselves more competitive and customer oriented thereby serving the market with quality products and improved services.

Looking at the future, the Company is also engaging with world renowned professional consultants to create a focused approach based on customer centricity and build process driven systems with defined benchmark performance indicators. We are also focusing on digitization to increase efficiency and ensure smooth flow of information on real time basis to improve day to day operations. The forthcoming BI & AI pilot projects will take us one step ahead towards being counted amongst the leading Steel producers in the country.

As a learning organization we are continuously striving to uphold our Core Values of Excellence, Integrity, Teamwork and Innovation in all aspects of our business dealings and make all our stakeholders a part of MSP Parivar.

I am confident that our persistent perseverance will bear fruit with support of all our stakeholders and will help us realize our vision of being recognized as an Admired Nation Builder

Thank You

Warm regards

Saket Agrawal

Managing Director



“Good Execution is the pillar of long term competitive advantage” 

The company remains in a highly competitive and commoditized steel industry and hence at MSP we believe that our sustainability shall be dependent upon having efficient operations and good execution.  It is with this belief that we have set out on the path to ensure that we achieve best in class operations. 

We at MSP always remember that the purpose of our business is to make a decent profits. No achievement is fulfilling if the various stakeholders are not happy. We work towards having satisfied vendors, happy employees and delighted customers.  As a practise we inculcate a culture of fair and honest dealings. This reflects in the confidence and integrity that each one of us at MSP Parivar lives upto and holds precious.

India is poised as a country, blessed with high quality iron ore, to become one of the lowest cost producers of steel globally. This journey has already started and we are confident of being a part of it in the coming years. 

Looking forward.

Manish Agrawal




“Dhananjay Uchit Singh, 80 yrs, is a Metallurgical Engineer.
He is recipient of Coveted “National Metallurgist award” from Govt of India and IIM for his outstanding contribution in Steel technology.

He is a well-known technocrat in the country.
Mr. Dhananjay Singh has spent 57 years in steel industry and last 25 years in driving change management, process redesign, TQM and profitability improvement programmes. HE is author of large number of technical papers published in National and international journals“.

Mr.Ashok Kumar Soin

Aged about 67 years, Mr. Soin holds a Bachelor’s Degree Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering and specialises in Telecommunications.

Mr.Navneet Jagatramka

Aged about 52 years, Mr. Jagatramka holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and specializes in Legal affairs, Compliance Management , Corporate Assurance & Governance.

Mrs. Suneeta Mohanty

Aged about 47 years, Mrs. Mohanty holds a Master's Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and a Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LLB). She specializes in Legal affairs, Compliance management, Corporate Assurance & Governance.


Aged about 81 years, Mr. Pandey is a Metallurgical Engineering graduate from Banaras Hindu University having more than 50 years of experience in mining extraction and other related metal production processes.


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