5 ways how TMT Bars boost resistance to earthquakes in steel construction

5 ways how TMT Bars boost resistance to earthquakes in steel construction

During the intense seismic activity, people who live in areas susceptible to earthquakes suffer great financial losses due to the destruction of their houses and properties. 

So, it’s absolutely essential for someone living in a region like this to own a home with additional foundational strength and durability. This is exactly where TMT bars get the better of and outperform ordinary construction bars in terms of quality. 

Since TMT bars reinforce the strength of buildings considerably, the cost incurred to integrate them in homes constructed in seismic zones is quite justifiable. They can resist earthquakes of average intensities easily and the structures are not harmed. Utilization of TMT bars eventually saves a lot of money. 

As stated in the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), TMT bars are available in several grades, which include Fe-600, Fe-550, Fe-500D, Fe-500, Fe-415D and Fe-415. Research suggests that Fe-415 and Fe-500 offer the best combination of tensile strength and ductility and can be most successfully used in areas prone to earthquakes. 

5 features that help

1. Ductility- This is one of the most essential features of a TMT bar that helps it to endure tremors and vibrations that would otherwise ruin a building. A good TMT bar possesses a sturdy external layer together with a soft and flexible core inside. This is the reason for the high ductility of TMT bars, which makes them so good at shock absorption in case of an earthquake.

2. Tensile strength– The highest level of tensile strength is offered by TMT bars among all kinds of steel bars. Fe-415, Fe-500 and a few other grades provide various degrees of high tensile strength while the most suitable grade is chosen with regard to the type of construction and its size, scale and the materials used.

3. Elongation– TMT bars have excellent elongation properties too. They have a high elongation index, so they act as outstanding shock absorbers, and the structure remains steady and safe.

4. Corrosion resistance– The TMT bars are supposed to be steel bars with maximum corrosion resistance and anti-rust properties. These properties make sure that the intrinsic robustness and firmness of the bars remain consistent and unaffected perpetually and they do not become delicate and brittle with the passage of time. This is one of the reasons that the bars can withstand high-intensity tremors even after many years of post-construction.

5. Yield strength– This defines the feature of a steel bar to be reinstated into its actual form after being bent out of shape due to the stress of seismic activity. This is crucial to reduce the damage to construction due to an earthquake. Fortunately, good TMT bars have inherent high yield strength and therefore are most suitable for structures in areas with seismic activities.

Why earthquake-resistant TMT bars?

The National Centre of Seismology (NCS), has stated in a report that the Indian tectonic plate is turning anticlockwise and moving North-East at the rate of approximately 5 cm per year. It also goes on to add that the country is in a high seismic zone, with more than 56% of its territory being vulnerable to earthquakes of low to severe intensities. So, the right TMT bars need to be selected for steel construction or building in a zone prone to earthquakes for the safety of everyone concerned. 

Tips to select the right TMT bars

  • ISO (International Standards Organization) certified TMT bars have first-rate quality. So these brands should be used.

  • The identification marks of a trusted brand can be seen on the bars. These should be properly checked for authenticity. The marks are present on each meter along the bar’s length.

  • TMT bars devoid of any rust should only be selected.

  • The retailer/dealer must specify the carbon content of the bars. It must be less than 0.25 because anything more than that may shorten the life of the steel construction or structure.


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