Home is where the happiest memories are made. But your dream home always needs something extra.

To build an unshakeable foundation, you need a lifelong promise of uncompromised security.

With MSP TMT bars, you get the promise of a protected future. We have forged a strong relationship with more than 100,000 home owners providing strength and protection to their “sapno ka ghar”.

MSP Group manufactures the next generation TMT bars with an industry defined vision. These advanced TMT bars are constructed with Turbo Quench Technology and made of the finest raw materials that undergo stringent quality checks.

Get the 4X Advantage with MSP TMT Bars:

4X Strength: MSP TMT Bars provide excellent strength with high elongation and yield, to give your construction a longer life.

4X Flexibility: The tough outer surface and the ductile core of the MSP TMT Bars make them flexible and extra bendable, thereby aiding ease of constriction, strength and added durability.

4X Tolerance: These bars with hardness of its outer surface and low carbon content have high elongation, which makes them superior in terms of tolerance and fatigue resistance. 4X Earthquake Resistance: Withstanding earthquakes, resisting fire or rust, defying the effects of time, MSP TMT bars give all-round protection to your constructions, for a lifetime.

Extra Protection. Extra Savings.

Looking for a cost-effective solution for all your construction needs? Look no further than MSP TMT bars. These bars have higher strength value, owing to the low carbon levels even in the large diameter variants. The total mass of steel required in any given construction lessens thus ensuring a savings up to 18% on the cost of construction.

Protecting your home and your loved ones like a true superhero:

- Bending Properties
- Corrosion Resistance
- Cost Effective
- Better Metallurgical Properties
- Perfect Roundness
- Earthquake Resistance
- Fire Resistance
- Weldability
- Higher Bonding Strength
- Finer Grain Structure
- Strain Ageing
- Precise Gauge Control

MSP’s TMT bars have not only made the dreams of numerous individual home builders come true, but it has also contributed in shaping various industrial and infrastructural projects, thus building the India of tomorrow.


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