Mr. MSP - The One-Stop Solution for Personalized Home Building Needs


Have you met Mr.MSP? If the answer is no, then allow me to Introduce him to you.

He is very helpful and a genuine ‘Do-Gooder’. He actually very effectively corrects the ills in your approach towards home building. A very humanitarian being who would make you wiser about the home construction plan you have.

For instance, he will tell you that by using MSP TMT bars you can make your home earthquake resistant. The reason is that these bars provide long lasting strength in the core elements for construction of a building.

Mr.MSP the humanitarian is also very concerned about your safety. So he will also tell you about the cutting-edge technology called “Thermex” with which MSP TMT bars are manufactured. This technology makes these bars extremely durable which, in turn makes your dream home very safe to live in.

He wants you to save money. So he will inform you that by using MSP TMT bars you can reduce your construction costs by approximately 18%.

Mr. MSP will also tell you that MSP TMT bars deliver massive strength to the foundation and pillars of your building. That’s because the technology enhances the strength and the load is evenly distributed across the TMT bar and results in excellent grip in concrete.

The quality of TMT bar is always synonymous with the quality of construction, so you’ll come to know from him that people working at MSP Steel strive to give you TMT bars with very good ductility, bendability, maximum strength and high durability. In short, you get the best quality.

MSP TMT bars are absolutely corrosion resistant. Mr. MSP will advise you to use these bars for your dream house because he knows that they will make it corrosion proof and everlasting.

So the crux of the matter which he wants you to know is that since TMT bars are the core components of any construction, choosing the best brand will only help you to build the most solid foundation for your dream home. It’s very easy. Just choose MSP TMT bars.

At MSP Group we have everything that it takes to become a builder of a nation’s tomorrow. Whether it is most modern infrastructure or high quality strong and durable products or a futuristic vision- they have it all. Today we are an 1800 crore conglomerate. Setting high standards and fondly acknowledged as a nation builder with the help of a great workforce, excellent product quality, ultramodern infrastructure and high-tech manufacturing processes.  

Now Mr. MSP wants you to note some additional properties of MSP TMT bars for which they are famous for:

1. Better metallurgical properties due to perfect temperature control system.

2. Tensionless rolling and an automatic system ensures a perfect  roundness and precise shape.

3. They are fire resistant due to their high thermal stability.

4. Since they have less than 0.25% carbon content , their weldability is high too. No loss of strength at the weld joints.

5. They have higher bonding strength with concrete because of their precise and uniform rib pattern. This increases the strength of the structure and ensures it’s longer life.

6. Due to their special and distinctive scientific manufacturing process these bars show absolutely no brittleness during welding or any other construction procedure.

7. Accurate and precise weight of the bars is achieved by Gauge Control System which automatically controls the gauge of the bars. With these Mr. MSP would like to wish all of you good luck.


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