6 Things To Consider When Planning A Steel Frame Building

6 Things To Consider When Planning A Steel Frame Building

When a project prioritizes the construction of a steel frame building, the dependability, trustworthiness and solidity of the metal steel become tough  to par with. That said, research on the required steps is mandatory when the construction of such a building is planned.

Factors to assess

1. The builder

The contractor chosen to assist in the completion of the project can have a significant impact on the final output. A bad decision or misjudgement can be potentially detrimental to the quality and character of the construction. An important thing to take into account while selecting a contractor is relevant experience. Such a construction is no mean feat since it requires an intricate and extremely detailed design. Hence, only an expert and highly skilled builder with experience in steel structures can be of any help. It is essential to enquire in detail about references from the bidder selected, and an independent scrutinization of credentials is also advisable. Multiple fabrication services can also be evaluated to have an idea about their experience and projects executed so that the best architect can be carefully picked.

2. The Layout and Orientation

Before construction starts, it’s ideal to have a convincing and carefully laid out steel frame building planning and layout. Communal spaces, corridors, entrances and exits have to be carefully taken into account. There are various types of steel structures which are influenced by design and orientation. For example, it can be an arch or a continuous frame or a multi-span frame. The different structures serve the requirements of divergent businesses and they also vary in their spaces and appearances. The arch-type structures are meant for garages, workshops, storehouses, sheds and shelters etc. They have vast spaces inside and are without supporting columns within the interior. Continuous frames, on the other hand, have support on each or either end of the construction. The decision on the size shape etc. is related to practical sense, intended use and budget.

3. Planning permission

Not possessing a planning permit can turn out to be disastrous and adverse for the steel frame building project, where lots of money and resources have been invested already for its completion. The builder may be heavily fined, and there can be an order for demolition, due to non-compliance with the relevant planning permission requirements. To avoid this predicament, it’s always wise to have a discussion with a planning officer and spend some time on fact-finding and exploration of the policies in the region selected for the construction.

4. Location 

Before designing the steel structure, it’s better to have an idea about its location. Irrespective of whether land or plot is already available, or whether a search for a suitable one is ongoing, it’s imperative that serious contemplation and attention are directed towards the building location and site preparation. This should be part of the construction timeline. Regardless of its deed restrictions or zoning requirements, utility access or soil and water problems, sun and wind exposure or underground blockages, a steel building location selection is capable of making or breaking a project.

5. Budget

There are several factors that affect the expenses of the construction project. Generally, there is a rigid or fixed budget, which can’t be overshot. Unless there is an inexhaustible supply of capital and resources, the budget should be confirmed and shared with the builder to ensure that all decisions are carefully pondered.

6. Further expansion

It’s best to create a design of a structure that leaves room for the enlargement of the premises. This will allow an organization to expand its business without shifting base. Since a steel frame building is easy to expand post-execution of the project, it’s an attractive proposition for any business intent on growth.

The six aspects suggested above are based on the anticipation that they may be of some help in garnering confidence when a steel frame building project is on the anvil.


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