5 Mistakes That Will Stop Your Dream House From Turning Into Reality


Dream houses are painstakingly designed to an individual’s preference and are filled with things suited to their taste. But building a house is not a simple task. Attention must be paid right from choosing the correct TMT bars to selecting the perfect shade of the paint. The common mistakes to avoid while constructing the dream house are mentioned below:

1.  The First Mistake - Not choosing the right plot

People often compromise on the plot location in order to reduce the price of the land. But it is imperative that the dream house has access to clean water, public transport, schools and hospitals nearby. Only 58.2% rural houses and 80.7% of urban households have access to drinking water in their locality. (Source : ).


choosing the correct TMT bars

2. The Second Mistake - Not spending time on planning

An engineer should be hired and layout designs, floor plan etc should be devised before starting the construction. The lifestyle and habits of the customer are taken into account and the house is designed accordingly. Location of the bedroom, kitchen, living room should be decided along with the space allocation for each. This helps in budgeting the house properly. They also save a lot of time because pre-planned houses were built 102% faster. (Source:

3. The Third Mistake – Not Choosing the right TMT Bar:

Building a dream house is a once in lifetime process for many. MSP steel and MSP tmt bars ensure that the foundation of the house is sturdy and can withstand all weather conditions. 

Investing in good tmt bars like ones from MSP,  one of the top TMT bar manufacturers in India will make sure that house is sturdy and can be used by multiple generations. Good quality cement and bricks ensure that you have laid the strong foundation which can stand for ages.


Your Dream House From Turning Into Reality

4. The Fourth Mistake - Last minute changes in planning

Housing plans are made after consultation with an engineer, an interior designer and the contractor for construction. This helps in getting a proper budget quote for the dream house. Making last minute changes in the designs and floor plan can shoot up the budget and potentially ruin the look of the house. Some people tend to cut down the room space in order to save money. This results in poorly ventilated, dark rooms and hallways. Even if there are no changes in plans, it is considered a good practise to set aside some contingency money which can come in handy in case of any unfortunate circumstances.

5. The Fifth Mistake - Not considering the future needs

The customers anticipate their future needs right now and make necessary accommodations for it. Additional rooms and a larger living room should be made available for kids. For pets the plot should have parks and jogging areas in the vicinity. Or the house can be constructed with a good resale value which can be sold and moved out of if there are changes in the family of the individual in future. 

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