MSP Sponge Iron plant uses the highest grade of iron ore and premium quality coal. This ensures very high metallization of Sponge Iron. Sponge Iron is fast becoming a significant input in low-cost steel production. With the availability of abundant raw material in India, the production of sponge is set to multiply over the years. Global market trends predict a steady upward movement. MSP has consolidated its position to meet the growing demand and is one of the leading coal based DRI manufacturer in India as on date.


In the DRI plant, production of sponge iron using a solid reductant involves reducing iron ore (lumps/pellets) with a carbonaceous material like coal or lignite. The reduction is carried out in a rotary Kiln (which is inclined and rotates at a pre-determined range of speed) at a stipulated temperature ( 850 °C – 1050°C). The inclination and the rotary motion of the Kiln ensure that the raw materials move from the feed end to the discharge end of the Kiln and during this movement the actual reduction of iron ore to iron takes place. The material discharged from the Kiln is taken to a rotary cooler for cooling and the cooler product is separated from the coal char.


3,07,500 TPA Unit at Raigarh, Chhattisgarh